Saturday, April 08, 2006

Another Couple of Months, Another Update

My blog is probably starting to feel like an unloved stepchild. Since Simone's arrival it's definitely been a slower process of writing. I suppose this is just something that goes with blogging. The initial excitement, followed by drudgery posting, and finally neglect. My hope though is that even though I may not post frequently, perhaps years or decades from now I can look back at it and recall what was going on in my life.

Ellie and Simone are getting back today from their trip to Williamsburg. It's been two weeks I've been on my own at home, other than a short visit from my mom and brother Dave for his birthday. I've been studying for my comprehensive exams that are on May 8th and 9th, where I'll be tested on knowledge I should have from two (or in my case three) years of coursework. After that I think I've only got one more class to take, a Genomics course, and then it's full time lab research until the end. I've done a bit of baking too. I've made a couple of loaves of bread and learned each time I've done it. Too bad home baked bread doesn't stay fresh very long. It only seems good for day or two.

My research continues to limp along. I'm trying to get a gene expressed stably in a B cell line where it's not present. If I can get it to work then I'll have something to write a proposal on. It's been almost a month now the cells have been growing in with their selection drug and I'm getting close to the point of testing them to see if the gene is expressed and works as expected. I'll cross my fingers when I do that test.

Made a couple of DVDs from video I had recorded on the camcorder we've got. I used one of the new Macs in the lab to do the editing, and I'll say, iMovie is a vastly superior product compared to Windows Movie Maker. It's a joke. And once I got the hang of iDVD, that was easy too.

The laptop somehow got a Trojan on it. It may have been a false positive (the only test that showed it with TrendMicro's Housecall, and I scanned with 4 different anti-virus maker's products), but there was also some odd behaviors that suggested to me it wasn't. IE would crash when I tried to access TrendMicro Housecall, it was sending emails to strange addresses in foreign countries when I didn't have an email program open, and some of the rootkit detectors I used were turning up hooked DLLs.

Problem is, I can't find the system restore disks anywhere. Ack. I tried using nLite to generate a new copy of WinXP Home from the files on the computer, but when I used it to try to reinstall Windows (after formating the drive) the install failed because it was missing some system file. Argghh. Now that's bad. I've got some other things I can try, but for now I'm frustrated because for one thing I can't find the system restore CDs that would make this an easy process. Oh well. I'll figure something out.