Tuesday, November 22, 2005

This Weekend Past + Some Science News

Ellie's parents were in town, so this past week and weekend have been quite a change from the routine. It's nice to have them around, especially because then Ellie and I aren't the sole people running around taking care of the baby, not to mention taking us out to eat and generally being good company.

This weekend I got to go to the MSU v. Penn State football game with my father in law. He had won some tickets in a MSU Alumni Association drawing, so we got to go sit up in the new boxes that MSU spent a ton on money adding onto the stadium. I met quite a few folks from the Alumni Association, and had a great time. The Spartans kept playing well enough to get my hopes up for them to beat Penn State (particularly the defense), but the MSU offense and kicking team repeatedly screwed up their chances to win the game. I think MSU lost the game, not Penn State winning the game. Regardless of the poor play by the Spartans, the view was great and so was the company.

I recently got some good news on the science front. Some of the work that I helped with when I worked in the Roth lab is going to be published. It's going to be publish in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics with the title of "Microarray analysis of LPS potentiation of trovafloxacin-induced liver injury in rats suggests a role for proinflammatory chemokines and neutrophils". I don't have a link to the Pubmed abstract yet, but when it is available I'll post it.


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