Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Back in Town

It seems like the last week or so has been pretty fast. For the extended July 4th holiday our little family drove up to Evart to stay with Ellie's parents and hang out around the lake. It was really nice up there, did some golfing, swimming, reading, and generally ate very well.

I returned home Monday evening, but Ellie and Simone stayed up north. When I got back the next Friday it like my baby had grown noticeably, her teeth poked through a little more, and she was nearly crawling! Then over the weekend she used her first sign! We've been trying to teach her a few signs, like "more", "milk", and "eat." Apparently children and learn sign language and use it before developing verbal communication skills. I'd never known that, but Ellie introduced the idea and I thought it was worth a try.

Sunday morning Ellie's Mom was holding the baby and I was sitting on the couch talking with them, when Simone reached out her little hand and signed "milk", then signed "eat." I was about to cry I was so proud of here. She's not even 6 months old yet! We woke up Ellie to try to reinforce the sign.

Now it seems a new wrinkle has been added though. Now that Simone can communicate she wants milk, there are times when we have to tell her no. Perhaps it's only been an hour since her last feeding, or she is trying to get the lady at the deli counter of Meijer to give her milk, but sometimes we have to sign to her "no." I don't think she understands that one though.


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