Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Prodigem Hosting Service

Prodigem Hosting Service

OK, this is too cool. I was reading BoingBoing in my newsreader and I just had to check this out. Looks like someone made a little business out of distributing content via BitTorrent, and let me emphasize legal content.

From the brief amount of time I've browsed what they have available it looks like the stuff on it is most Creative Commons licensed, but there is also a lot of GPL and LGPL stuff up as well. I decided to try to download the Wired CD: Ripped Samples Mashed Shared, since I had heard about it and was interested in picking it up. There was only 1 seed for the download, but I was getting over 100Kbs, a very respectable speed for downloading with a single seed for a BitTorrent distributed file. Cool stuff.


At 10:54 PM, Anonymous gary said...

you got the good speed on it because prodigem acts like a permanent seed. so if nobody else is seeding, we kick in and do a good job with our nice fast connection :)


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