Monday, June 20, 2005

1st Father's Day

This weekend was the first Father's Day for me. We spent it visiting my family in Grand Haven, with a quick side trip to visit Ellie's grandparents. I was a good weekend on the whole, but I was really tired when we all got back home.

Friday I was up at 5am, and one of my lab mates picked me up at 6am to drive to Wayne State University (in Detroit) for a "Pharmacology Colloqium." While I didn't see much research that translated directly into my own work, it was interesting from a purely educational standpoint. A lot of presentations from the people at Medical College of Ohio, less from Wayne State, probably about the same for University of Michigan, and the least being Michigan State. I was pretty disappointed with the turn out. The majority of people from MSU were from our lab. It will be interesting, because next year we are hosting. What makes this unusual is there is a rotation of colleges to host, but last year MSU was supposed to host and the planning fell apart due to schedule squabbling from one of the other schools.

Anyway, Detroit was a big mess with all the pre-Super Bowl road work, we took a single wrong turn and had to go in a circle to get back on the road home. We finally got home (Holt) around 7pm. By the time Ellie and I talked and got Simone fed we didn't get to leave home for Grand Haven until 7:45pm, then realized 20 minutes from home we forgot something and had to turn around. In the end we arrived in Grand Haven about 10pm.

It was a nice weekend to be visiting GH. The weather was cool, so we took a long walk around town on Saturday morning, looking at all the new stores and condo construction, wondering how some of the proprietors think they're going to be in business for long (a bead shop comes to mind).

Rob flew into town for the weekend, taking a respite from Texas A&M, seeing Simone for the first time and visiting with the whole family. We hadn't gotten together in at least half a year. Had dinner with Mom, and got back to Dad's place and tried to settle down for the evening.

Sunday was spent drinking some coffee in a downtown coffee shop with Mom, Ellie, Simone, Rob, and my cousin Chris, then we had lunch with my Dad to celebrate. When we finally got to Twin Lake to visit with Ellie's grandparents I was so tired to fell asleep sitting on the couch for a little while.

When we finally got home Ellie and Simone gave me some Father's Day gifts (a nice little black desktop organizer for work), and we started to unpack. I got one of those great moments that parents sometimes get which really made my day. We were unpacking and had sat Simone down on the floor in her room with her blanket. Ellie went to the other room while I was in our bedroom, and as I walk into Simone's room she looks up from chewing on her blanket and gives me her widest, happiest, gummy grin, as if she had just been waiting to see me and all of a sudden she got exactly what she wanted. There is something incredible how your baby looks at you and you feel so connected, like there is nothing else so valuable to them as to see you and know that you are there for each other. I imagine my grin was a big as hers. It's a moment I want to remember, and so inspired this post.


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