Monday, May 16, 2005

Solar Cells in Michigan!

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I was curious about a pair of inventors from Bloomfield, Michigan, the Ovshinsky's. They've apparently design solar cells that actually work in a climates that aren't sunny all the time, like Michigan. I originally saw them on Scientific American Frontiers, talking about their system for storing hydrogen in a solid form (portability of hydrogen is one of the big hurdles facing the "hydrogen economy"). The mentioned their solar cells, which apparently are tougher and cheaper to produce then traditional photovoltaic cells. On Scientific American they showed a traditional cell with a little hole in it, which had ruined the cell. Then they showed their own cell, with many holes all over it, still working! Looks promising.

So when I surfed over to their website I found something I thought was pretty cool. The middle school in my home town has some of these cells and runs a classroom on them (the middle school is actually the building which I went to high school in). I thought it was pretty darn cool to see that folks from my home town had implemented it.


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