Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Past

Ellie and I had a good weekend, now I'm back to work again. I've got experiments planned for the next three weeks, and now I'm wondering why I didn't start doing that a long time ago. It came up because I had a personal meeting with Dr Kaminski, and he said he's been suggesting to everyone they try to plan at least 2-3 weeks ahead for what experiments they want to do. I've now realized that by doing just that I can fit far more in than I previously thought. Now I'll just need to continue to execute and plan.

As far as the weekend went, Ellie and I took Simone down to Jackson on Saturday to visit with some of our friends down there. I saw two of my old roomies (Randy and Nick) and generally had a great time sitting around a chatting with them and others. The one funny thing that came out of the chatting was a conversation about islands to send people to
Colin: Hmm, who else would I want to send to an island.... maybe NASCAR fans? Or perhaps we could just cede them one of the states, maybe Georgia?
Randy: I think they've already got Georgia...

That comment from Randy got me laughing heartily.

Sunday we visited with our neighbors across the street, watched the end of the NASCAR race and just hung around the house, then yesterday Mom came to visit with Dave for the afternoon and play with Simone. All in all it was a good weekend for me.


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