Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How Firefox Became a Sloth

I noticed recently it was taking forever for Firefox to start when I opened it. The application itself started quickly, but then it would "hang" for about a minute before I could use it. I chalked it up to a bug in the newest version (1.03) that I had recently upgraded to.

Low and behold as I'm browsing a some random blog I come across someone describing the same problem... and how they fixed it. It seems that one of my Extensions, SwitchProxy, likes to automatically check for an update. It does this whenever a new window is opened. I had a first tried a fix along those lines, turning off the update check in the preferences of Firefox itself, but this didn't help the slow start.

I opened up my Extensions list, looked at the options for SwitchProxy, and found one for "Notify me of updates." Turned that puppy off, and what do you know? Firefox is back to it's snappy self. Thanks goes to the blogger Tower.


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