Tuesday, April 05, 2005

One of my current favorites is the Wilco album "A Ghost is Born." At first when I bought it I wasn't very impressed with it, but like most albums it takes more than a couple of listens to find the songs you really dig. I was outside raking the yard and listening to it, just groving along. Checking iTunes it appears I've thus far played my current favorite track a total of 10 times, and I didn't add it to the library until 12/8/2004 (yes, it took me that long to actually get into this album). What is my favorite single? At this point it is "Handshake Drugs," though "Theologians" is a close second.

So why would I like a song titled "Handshake Drugs?" It has some outstanding lyrics, poetic in nature, as well as a catchy arrangement.
If I ever was myself, then I wasn't that night.

It's ok for you to say what you want from me, I believe that's the only way for me to be exactly what you want me to be.

strike me as those statements that cut right to what our human nature is, but so often denied by our egos.

One of the songs on the album also references "...a private beach in Michigan," which naturally reminds me of my childhood home. Too cool.


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