Thursday, March 03, 2005

Post Frequency (as Measured in Hertz)=4.1x10^-6

I actually took the time to calculate it out. Since Simone has been born I've not updated basically at all. Lots of stuff has been going on, just haven't taken the time to sit down and write about it. Realizing this, and having a few minutes here and ther e today as I was preparing reagents for an experiment today I decided it was time to write.

Simone's getting more alert by the day. Lately she's taken to crying a lot more than previously, and having a bit of trouble latching onto the breast to feed initially, but she gets it after a minute or two of yelling at the breast (I think she's saying something to the effect of "Get in my belly," but in baby-yell).

So one big life event that has occured since my last post is Ellie and I decided she will stay home with the baby. We had planned on her return to work, but the daycare we had arrange fell through. The other daycare places we found were either too expensive or too shady for us to want to put Simone there. Since Ellie would have wanted to stay home were it not for the money (and I wanted her to be able to as well), when it was apparent that she would be working for a net paycheck of something like $15 a week we decided it wasn't worth it for her to return to work. We cancelled the cable TV and high speed internet, dropped down a few tiers on our cellular phone calling plans, and are going to live a bit more frugally. We've also stopped going out to eat as often as previously; this has had the greatest impact on our monthly expenses. With Simone being so small, yet loud at times, we've been out to a sit-down meal once since she was born (results were mixed when we tried, some old biddy complained about the baby fussing when the baby wasn't being that bad at all). On our way out an older gentlemen told me not to worry about old biddies complaining, because he'd "had kids, and some folks just have to deal."

I've decided on a project at work and have been very busy working on some experiments for it. My project deals with the toxicity of dioxin, the compound that was used to poison the Ukrainian Prime Minister. I'm working on a project that deals with how it suppresses immune system function. I won't go into more detail for a while since a lot of the stu ff I'm working on hasn't yet been published (not that many would be reading this to find that out and publish before our group, but it's better to just hold off anyway). I'm excited to be working on it, but I've got a tremendous amount of learning to do on the subject of dioxin and I'm just getting started.

Classes are going ok. I've not been performing as well as I usually do because at home the baby is new and when I am home I want to spend my time with Ellie and Simone. At school I'm doing a lot more work, so I haven't spent at much time studying there wnen I'm in the office either. I'll need to focus a bit more and set aside time when I get back from spring break (which is this coming week). I'll be going to New Orleans to attend a conference, the Society of Toxicology Meeting..


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