Friday, December 03, 2004

Reds, Blues, and ...... Purples?

Being Friday, having completed today's experiment, and procrastinating on the Biochemistry final studying I found myself over at the blog of Lawrence Lessig after first checing out the 2004 Weblog awards.

There I found a link to some depictions from the 2004 Presidential election. We've all seen the Red and Blue maps that basically show most of the US as Republican voting territory with isolated states that vote Democratic. This web article from someone at University of Michigan shows an interesting way of looking at the maps.

I was particularly struck when the nation was broken down as Red and Blue counties. It starts to look very much like a Republican nation. Only when they factor in population and represent it as size of counties does the picture become more like the popular vote would reflect.

Finally, when they use a gradient coloring with Red and Blue representing 100% Republican or 100% Democratic respectively does the character of the nation really start to become apparent. Purple would be a 50/50 split. It was fascinating to me to see how the US looked when presented this way. Give it a gander if you get a chance.


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