Monday, December 20, 2004

The Reasons I Love the Public Library

Books, books galore. Films for $1. CDs for your listening pleasure. The ability to request things they don't have through interlibrary loan.

I wanted to start a list of things I intend to borrow from the library, starting with the films I've wanted to see but maybe forgot about at some point.

1. 400 Blows
2. ABC's of Newborn Baby Care
3. About Schmidt
4. Alias Season 1
I never bothered to watch it on TV, but maybe Ellie and I will enjoy it on DVD?

This was just starting in the A's for DVDs in the library collection. I started going through and just marking the entries I knew I'd go for. I made it through the first 972 possible records before I decided to come back to it later.


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