Saturday, December 18, 2004

Internet Explorer 6.0 Chokes

It seems that IE 6.0 chokes on the Sidebar just like IE 5.1 on the Macintosh computers at work. I apoligize to all those who still use it, apparently 90% of internet browsers. Mozilla performs just fine, as far back as version 1.3 (the last version of Mozilla that I can find that will work on MacOS 9).

For my PC browsing needs I using Firefox, and have been since version 0.5. Firefox finally hit 1.0 recently, and is far ahead of Internet Explorer in my opinion. Like anything there is an adjustment period, but once I got used to tabbed browsing I can't stand going back to this single window browsing that I must use with Internet Explorer.

I may try some searching on the internet to try to determine why IE doesn't play nicely, but I'm not too inclined. Even the AOL browser is now based on Mozilla, so I'm optimistic that the next version of IE comes out, whenever it may be, it will perform better.


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