Thursday, November 11, 2004

Time Waits for No One

Another week marches on. Things have been speeding by at work and
home. Every week I feel like a work quite a bit at what's going on in
the lab but don't come up with that many data points. I've finally
finished the analysis of the experiment I started on October 13th (a
time course of response to specific inhibitor an adapter protein). Now
we're planning an experiment to test different doses of the inhibitor.
I'm pleased with how things have been going, but of course I would
always like to see more progress.

Alexa's growing bigger by the day. She moves around quite a bit, and
of late has given us a bit of a scare. Ellie and I went to the OB a
few days back and she looks healthy, estimated at 4lbs. What was a bit
of a concern was the level of amniotic fluid was less than expected, a
level described as "borderline." Ellie's been quite concerned, but I
keep trying to tell her it's one snapshot in time, so jumping to
conclusions about what's going on is premature. That doesn't stop the
worry though. We'll be going in more often to keep an eye on her
(Alexandra's) progression. Ellie received some meds to encourage
Alexandra's lungs to mature more quickly in case she were to come
early. Apparently when the amniotic fluid gets low there is an
increased chance of labor coming on quickly, so as a contingency the
meds were given. We'll have to keep an eye on things and with time
we'll know better what to expect.

At home I've got a few new toys home that came with my birthday
passing (26th one). I put together several Best Buy gift certificates
I received to buy a new 16x DVD burner. Funny thing was I looked for a
good name brand at a good price and ended up buying a Plextor PX-716A,
a very new burner. After I got it home I was reading about it and came
across some grumbling about the quality of the burns it makes. I've
been running the diagnostics on some test burns I've made on some
DVD+RW discs I bought and thus far the results have been ok in terms
of quality. Not perfect, so I'll do a bit more testing before I decide
whether this guy is heading back to Best Buy to trade for a different


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