Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm an Election '04 Grump

oon it will all be over. The bickering, name calling, forgery, and misstatement of fact will be pointless come close of the polls tommorow. Good ridden. Both major party canidates have earned my contempt, and their parties as a whole as well. I'll be happy to cast my ballot and have it all over with.

It was a slow Halloween at our house.  We only got ~30 people stopping by for candy, which we found rather suprising. I chatted briefly with Dr Kaminski this morning, and he observed the same thing. Perhaps it was too cold for some folk out there. Whatever the case, we had quite a bit of candy left over.

I watched Jeepers Creepers last night while Ellie stayed in the main room, as she wasn't interested in seeing anything scary. I give a "Meh, nothing notable" review. I thought it was at its scariest at the beginning rather than the end.

Of late things have been running along relatively smoothly in the lab. I always think things will got faster than they really do. Guess I'll learn to gauge it all better with experience. I'm finally getting to the stage where I can analyze some gene expression data from the time course treatment I gave the cells a few weeks back. Since I was starting from scratch it does take a bit longer to make sure everything is running like it's supposed to, and there are steps that are new to me too. I hope to have data by the end of the week that will tell me whether the experiment was a success. I already know that the protein whose expression I was trying to knockdown didn't fall much over the time points I looked at, but we won't really know what the next step to take will be until we also know how the gene that encodes the protein changed as well. If it went down a lot and the protein went down a little, then it will be back to the drawing board or time to drop the project and try something else.

If the gene went down a little and the protein went down a little, then we may just have to redesign the component we used to inhibit the gene expression. I'm hoping that will be the case, as I think it would be pretty darn cool to see how the protein we're looking at affects the mechanism of the toxin (stuff called dioxin) we're studying.


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