Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Change is Upon Us

I've gone commercial. I noticed when I was logging into Blogger the other day there was a short note on the first page after sign-in that said Blogger/Google "was still taking applications for AdSense" (those weren't the exact words). AdSense is Google's advertising arm, delivering ads based on content that's on the page.

Since there was previously ads on the page I figured hey, why not get paid to serve ads. Even if it's not much, as long as it's not very involved then it's not a problem for me. Once I signed up I discovered there was also an option to have Google searches run from my site, and if I got clicks for advertisers on the search results then I get a few cents. Interesting. I like the idea of being able to hit a Google search from my blog, so I added that too.

At this point I still haven't figured out how to get the darn ads over to the far right like I want. They look really annoying right now. The search bar isn't bad though. I've try playing around a I think, but not any more tonight. I've got a Biochemistry exam at 7pm.

I've been studying for it for at least two weeks, and at this point I think I'm as prepared as I could reasonably be. The real question will be how will I perform on the Pharmacology exam I have tommorow, which I haven't invested as much time in studying for. I've worked on it some, and I'll do a bit more tommorow. For know I think it's time to go test my knowledge.


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