Friday, October 15, 2004

New Season, New Lab

So I’ve taken my sweet time in writing another update. I suppose the newest news is that I started a new lab rotation, this in the lab of Dr Norbert Kaminski. I’m working on a project that is exploring the way that dioxin (an environmental contaminant that can persist for a long time in nature; Agent Orange, the herbicide, was contaminated with dioxin) depresses immune system function. I’m learning a new treatment method that can help reduce the level of specific proteins in the cell. Hopefully by knocking down the expression of some of the proteins that interact with the signaling cascade associated with dioxin we can learn more about its mechanism of toxicity.

That was a mouthful! In other news, my Mom put on a baby shower for Alexandra this past weekend. It went great, Ellie and I were very impressed with how well my Mom handled everything. Alexa got lots of cute little outfits that are now hanging in her closet, and some other useful items like a hamper and a kind of mobile-thing that goes on a blanket. Ellie and I are both looking forward to her arrival.

Fall has definitely arrived here in East Lansing. Many of the trees have changed colors, and leaves are starting to accumulate in the back yard. I may need to buy a rake. I really don’t want to do that! Thus far the lawn mower has worked great for picking up all the leaves, but of course they keep falling.

At school we’ve started midterms. I get the Biochemistry exam I took last week back on Monday, so we’ll see then how it got graded. I did OK in my pharmacology class test, but I did somewhat poorly on the section of the exam that was graded by Dr Kaminski. I was pretty embarrassed. I totally missed a question where one designed an experiment, though I still think the way I described the experiment it would have worked. I did pretty well on the rest of the test.


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