Friday, October 29, 2004

Days Turn Into a Week

Already it seems Thursday has arrived and I haven't written an update
since the iPod crash. It's still running happily, albeit with a lot
fewer songs on it. I've begun the process now of transferring all the
mp3's I've burned on CDs because I didn't have hard drive room and
transferring them to the new hard drive I bought. Got quite a deal,
after rebate of course. Best Buy was selling Western Digital 80Gb hard
drives for $90 with $60 in mail-in rebates. I've been waiting for
about a year to see a hard drive that was at least double the capacity
of what I had with a cost below $40. A few times I've almost jumped
for one at $50, but finally I found the deal I'd be patiently waiting

The result is I've finally got enough space to move all the mp3 files
I've got to a place where I can move conveniently listen to them. I've
also grown a little leary about just having them on CD. I've seen some
questions raised as to how permeant the storage afforded by a burned
CD really is, though I've yet to have any trouble with them. At least
with the hard drive I can more easily transfer them to a newer, bigger
storage location when one comes available.

Ellie and I, or should I say mostly I, am still working on the
birthday cake she got AJ and I this past weekend. I like it, but I'm
thinking soon it's going to have to go out in the trash. AJ & Jaime
came to visit us from Grand Haven last weekend, we had a nice time
talking and then going out to a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. Sunday
we all paid a visit to St John's Student Parish in East Lansing. The
homily was never-ending. I was quite frustrated with the experience by
the end. There must have been 6 times I thought it was about to end
and it didn't, then it ended so abruptly I was thinking "Hunh? Was
that a complete sentence?"

I've started to produce some data on my new lab rotation. It's been 3
weeks and I finally produced some data. The funny thing is I've been
much busier than I was in the last 3 weeks that I was in my other lab.
It had been about a year since I'd done any involved assays for
things, and so I'd forgotten how involved it was to take all the steps
that went into isolating gene messages (RNA) and proteins. I'm
crossing my fingers for this project to go well. It'd be a pretty
exciting thing to be working on if we can get through this point of
background work prior to asking questions that interest us, but I've
learned that one must take care of the background work before the true
probing can begin. If we spent weeks doing the experiment to get the
results we were interested in and then discovered that we didn't find
them because our method wasn't working we would have just wasted a
bunch of time and resources. Better to take the steps so that we can
speak with confidence on the results than to get negative results and
say "This might be the case, but the truth may be obscured by our

As a final thought for this post I was listening to NPR the other day
and the Libertarian canidate for President (Micheal Badnarik) said
something that really stuck in my mind. I don't remember the exact
words, but it was something to the effect of "The only wasted vote is
one that is cast for a canidate you don't really believe in." How I
wish we had a system where parties outside of Repubs and Dems actually
got a voice. Personally, I think things are so polarized that we're
ripe for a change in the landscape of politics, such that we no longer
have two parties that don't truly reflect the views of Americans.


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