Sunday, September 12, 2004

How I Spent The Weekend

Mostly I painted the front door of the house, with decidedly mixed success. It's 5:30 Sunday and I started it Saturday around 10am. I'm on the details of the door now, trimming off the excess paint on the window in between the lattice. For such a simple paint job this has taken me forever! Just a plain, all blue door, and I'm still working on it. Most of the door looks nice and blue, I thought I was all done today.

So I take out my single-edge scraper and start removing the excess paint that ended up on the windows. Right away there is a problem. It seems the paint didn't make a very tight bond on the lattice (it's plastic). Little pieces would tear off, the old glue around the edge of the window was coming off oddly, with the end result being I had to go back and touch up all the little spots that lost paint in the process of my removal of the glue and excess paint. The end result was two steps forward and one back. Now I'm waiting for paint to dry again.

I got other stuff done this weekend. Ellie talks all the time about the house being a mess, but it really was this week. She took all the pans out of the cupboards on Wednesday to reorganize and we didn't get them reorganized until Saturday. I was mowing the yard at 9pm on Friday night and didn't finish it all (missed a lot of spots, it got too dark for me to tell what I was doing). We probably did 5 loads of laundry, and discovered I'd left one of our floor mats in the washer soaking for a week. Ooops. Not only that, I left it in there with a red shirt, so now the shirt has dark spots while the floor pink is slightly pink/purple.

On the fun front Ellie and I went over to Todd and Sherie's place on Saturday night and grilled. We had a nice dinner and chat. Today Ellie's been gone most of the day, so I've run a few errands and tidied some of the places in the house. Laundry marched on, and I watched 28 days later on DVD. Scary flick. A zombie flick, done a bit more stylistically. I found myself jumpy and apprehensive while watching it, just as one should with a horror flick. I also caught The 6th Day on the Tivo. That was a stinker next to 28 days later. Arnold does some real bad movies, but I guess sometimes one needs to earn a paycheck.


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