Sunday, August 22, 2004

Belated Announcement on Baby

We had our ultrasound on Tuesday for the baby check it's status, and
learn it's gender as well (Ellie really wanted to know, I didn't mind
either way). The great news was that the baby looked healthy and had all
the parts that babies should have at about 20 weeks. I recorded the
event with the camcorder, mostly to get the sounds, and we got a VHS
tape of the recorded ultrasound. Ellie got her wish in finding out what
the baby was to be: it's a girl!

I noticed this weekend that as I walked around I noticed the little
girls and thought to myself I'll have one of those. I'm very happy to
know that we'll be having a girl. I wasn't pegging my hopes on one or
the other. My perspective was either way I'll bring it along as best I
can manage, treating her or him no different with regard to encouraging
a particular activity. Ellie asked me if we had a boy if it could play
with dolls, thinking she would get me flustered and out me as a sexist
(actually I doubt those were her motivations). When I said of course he
can play with dolls, since I recall having one or two, I think I
suprised her.

I have a feeling she'll want Alexandra (the name we've chosen) to be as
stereotypically girlie as possible. I think I'll do my best to offer her
lots of choices and decide what she likes, as long as it's not something
like coloring on the walls. Of course I realize in the end, some walls
will probably suffer the toddler touch along the way, but I can deal
with that.


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