Monday, July 26, 2004

Insert Witty Title Here

Another weekend past, time for an update to the blog. I think I'll try to go in reverse chronological order, as it's easier for me to remember that way.
I had a good chat with Rob last night, who is is currently down at Texas A&M. I finally straightened out what kind of car he's driving, a Volkswagen Rabbit (I think it was a 1983):

I think that photo is from the wrong year though. Anyway we talked about work, surfing, folks from Grand Haven. He sounded happy to talk, which I was glad about. Sometimes when you get Rob on the phone and he wants to be doing something else the conversation is pretty one-sided (though I'm guilty of that as well).
I also got some lawn care items this weekend from Susan's house. Her house sold, so know they (Susan and my Dad) have about a month to dispose of the things that won't fit in the new place or they already have. I got a lawnmower, fertilizer spreader, and a garden house. Just in time too, as the lawn is really starting to look do for a trim. I just need to locate a new blade for the lawnmower. Susan told me I should check the blade before I tried to mow, and excellent suggestion. I took a photo of it to post, hopefully I'll remember to post it tonight. I think folks will crack a smile when they see the photo and think about me trying to mow the yard with it.
This weekend Ellie and I made the trek to Grand Haven for Cook- Scott wedding. AJ asked me to be one of the groomsman, and I was quite happy to oblige. Scott Szcepanek had an excellent toast, a nice balance of cute and humorous. Being there I talked with a lot of people I really haven't seen much of since I went off to Michigan State. Sometimes I feel a bit melancholic that I lost contact with people that I was such good friends with in high school, and then I remember that most of us have the same experience. As many times as I've tried to paint myself as an individual, I recognize my experience is much like the rest of us. Keeps me human. I enjoyed talking with everyone I've been out of touch with.
It was especially nice to see Kris (Engel). I can't recall the last time we saw each other face to face. I've really missed talking to him. I think I felt like I was in a time warp, standing there talking, swinging one-liners and laughing together. It's always a pleasure to stand with someone, have a conversation, and just enjoy their company.
We took some photos and hung out. The church had a working Nintendo, so we spent our time reminiscing and playing Super Mario Brothers and Kung Fu. Ellie spent much of her time hanging out with another one of the groomsman's wives who is also pregnant. They also just moved into a new house. Her husband is changing to a new job soon, as am I (or at least a status change in my case).
Unfortunately we weren't able to make it to the rehearsal dinner on Friday. Ellie had to work until late that evening, and we had to run several errands as well. In the end we got to Grand Haven at about 10:30pm, but we did run out and meet some of the other wedding party members and got my tuxedo. Spent about 20 minutes, then everyone else was off to bed or The Bourne Supremacy. The wedding party said it was very mediocre.
I think that's probably enough for know, perhaps I'll try to write out something more later.


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