Monday, June 14, 2004

Weekend Update

Yesterday was a great day. Ellie and I got up and decided to leave a
bit early to drive to Grand Haven and go to church there, since that
would allow us a few more hours out there with my brother. We had a
nice conversation as we drove.

The mass at St. Patrick's was, in Ellie's and my consensus, mundane.
The funny thing about it was as she and I were driving home I was
about to say "Gee, that homily was just so mundance," but before I
could say it Ellie say almost the same thing. Is this one of those
situations where married couples start to finish each other sentences?

Rob is leaving for Texas A&M some time this week. He doesn't have a
car to get down there yet, nor has he decided on a place to leave. I
teased him that there are probably some nice underpasses down there
that he could stay under. This is just right in line with the way Rob
functions though, and he always seems to come out ok. Mom's house is
coming along too, Rob helped her put down a tile floor in the kitchen.
I remarked that it looked great. There is a lot more left to be done,
but looks like a good start.

Dad's house is undergoing renovation as well. He's going to want to
sell it relatively soon I think, so he repainted the entry way
(white). The house was full of carpenter ants though, a kind of creepy
reminder of how our house was last week. His was worse than ours
though. There must have been 20-30 squashed ones on the top floor. I
didn't bother looking downstairs.


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