Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Weekend Past

Ellie and I got to spend a great weekend in Chicago. We drove down from Michigan on Friday, leaving at about 12:30pm. Normally it takes about 5 hours to get to Chicago. This time it took 7. Things started out smoothly, but as soon as we tried to get on the Skyway (I-90) in Indiana we hit construction. Without droning on and on about traffic (which would probably be more boring to read about than it was to sit in), I’ll say we got to see parts of the city that we hadn’t ever seen. We actually got off the Skyway in Indiana right before the big bridge and got on US 41.

We got to drive through the south section of town, which from appearances is a bit rougher than the part we’re used to spending time in. It was actually a rather neat drive through downtown, rather than the normal race along the Edens Expressway. We drove right along the lake, and eventually got up to Lake Forest for the rehearsal about five minutes after everyone left the church. We ended up going to the rehearsal from there, which was only a few minutes away.

I recall when I was a young tyke and didn’t like sitting around the table at dinner. I never understood what they could sit around and talk about for so long. Somewhere along the way I must have become an adult, because now those are the times I really enjoy. Sharing a drink, and good story, a fine meal. It seems to me now that these are the moments that make life so much more than mundane.

The ceremony was quite nice. It reminded me of what things one should aspire to in marriage, and renewed my desire to work together with Ellie. I was actually a bit disappointed I wasn’t sitting next to her, as I was trying to record portions of the ceremony from a position in the church that wasn’t where everyone was sitting.

The reception was a great deal of fun. It was a bit taxing to drive to downtown Chicago from the north side of town, then to have to drive back that night. Ellie was nice enough to do the driving back to our hotel though. Once again I was reminded of our wedding and how we enjoyed it. It’s only been two years since the occasion, but being at one really refreshed it in my mind.

Sunday was an easy drive back. We stopped in Grand Rapids to see my Dad for Father’s Day. Had another meal (Panera Bread) and some conversation. I’m quite excited for he and Susan’s move to a new place. I’ll be a bit sad that the old house on Northshore is going to be sold, but I’m also realistic about it. I wasn’t going to be moving back, and the house was much larger than my Dad needed. Dad and Susan bought a new place that is in Spring Lake in a little subdivision. It’s set on a nice little pond, has a great three season porch that looks over the pond, and is across the street from the development’s clubhouse. I’m sure Baby C will really like being able to visit there.


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