Monday, June 07, 2004

This happened last week. I've been intending to post it and forgetting. Here goes:

Saturday morning began normally. Marley, our cat, decided she had waited long enough for food and that the humans better start waking up, so she hops up on the bed and starts to loudly announce her presence. We try not to immediately feed her in the morning because it would seem to reinforce this behavior, but yesterday I hopped up and went to the basement to feed her (where her food bowl is). Once I got down there I found that the plastic ware that we keep her food in was empty, so I had to go out to the garage to retrieve some for her.

On my way back into the house I thought I should give Ellie a kiss to say good morning, so I walked straight back to the bedroom with Marley's food bag in my hand. Only once I got into the bedroom did I notice the holes in the side of the bag, and only because a mouse was wriggling for its life through the hole to escape I am sure it thought was certain doom. Our conversation went something like (I can't recall perfectly, so this is my best attempt at what we said) "Uh oh, there is a mouse in the bedroom."

Colin: "It's already in here."
Ellie(rather frantic, slams bathroom door to keep the mouse out): "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU BROUGHT A MOUSE IN HERE!"
Colin(sheepish): "It was in Marley's food bag. I just saw it hop out." The mouse is now hiding under a pile of dirty clothes in the corner.

Now I feel quite bad because I didn't realize Ellie was afraid of mice. I'm not afraid of mice, we had them for pets when I was a young boy and I commonly work with them in the lab.

I spent the next half hour being outrun by a mouse until it ran under the clothes again. I pushed the clothes down to hold it still, gently picked it up by the tail, and walked to the front door. The mouse got tossed out of the Chez North, and I told him that we didn't want anymore of their type around here. I then proceed to move furniture and vacum the bedroom to try to pickup any scared mouse excrement that had been left behind. Eventually Ellie settled down, and now life has returned to normal.


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