Friday, June 25, 2004

One Lonely, Sick Dogwood

For the last week or so we've been watching the grass grow in our yard.
Sounds about as exciting as watching grass grow, right? The lawn is
slowly coming in, but I've slowed down the amount of water I've been
giving the yard. The problem I've had is that when I try to move the
sprinklers in the yard the ground is so soft that I end of sliding
around and leaving big footprints. I've been watering a bit less in an
effort to get the ground to be a bit more solid. The funny thing is the
lowest, wettest part of our yard is growing the best. I was concerned
that I was overwatering the front and side yards, but from the
appearance of the backyard (which I've barely watered because the water
runs downhill to that point and pools) I should still be watering a lot.

It's kind of a no win situation. I can water more, but then I end up
screwing up the yard when I have to more the sprinklers. Argghh.

Our dogwood is struggling too I think. With all the rain we had received
in the previous month our landscaping didn't get in as soon as we would
have liked. At that point we were home every weekend. The week before
we're supposed to leave for Chicago to go to a wedding we got our
landscaping. It also ended up being one of the driest weekends of the
summer. Despite the sprinklers coming on twice a day while we were gone
I don't think the dogwood got enough water. The leaves are kind of
folded in half, and red on the edges. It definitely got stressed while
we were gone. I've been watering it every evening when I get home. I'm
hoping it will recover.


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