Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Little, Black, and Creepy

We have an ongoing battle at the house. For the most part I like animals and insects. I love rats, like mice, dogs & cats are great. I get along well with spiders (I like them because they eat flies and mosquitoes), to the extent that when I find one inside I’ll be careful to carry it outside and release it without injuring it. There is only one creature I can think of that I have a serious distaste for: Carpenter Ants.

Of course, that would be what is now trying to set up shop in out house. Monday was probably the first day it was really warm outside. We got home Monday, the evening was moving on. Ellie and I began to make some dinner, but I kept finding ants running around in the kitchen. I probably squashed 5-10 in the kitchen. This bugged (pun intentional) me, but I wasn’t disgusted until I got to the master bathroom. There was probably 10 of the buggers crawling around on the floor. I squashed every one, but they kept coming. Crawling out of now where, coming from behind the shower curtain, crawling one the wall! Agghh! A nightmare for me.

Ellie and I hopped in the truck and drove up to Target, where I picked up some insecticide. When we got home I whipped out the spray gun and walked around the house, squirting the poison along the base of the house where the foundation meets the siding. In the corner of the house nearest the bathroom I saw the creeps crawling up the foundation and going under the siding. I proceeded to thoroughly blast the area with the spray, and squirted the ant holes in the ground for good measure. Any of the little black beasts that crawled around got a hefty dose too. I’m really hoping they didn’t set up a nest in the house.

I suspect they came around scouting for food, and this might have been the start of a “satellite” colony. There is a wooded area behind the house, from which I suspect my invaders are coming from. That’s probably where the main colony is from. After doing some Internet surfing, I decided I wanted to pick up some of this:
  • Bug Whacking Kit
  • . Unfortunately Ellie nixed it, since it’s $40. We compromised and decided to stick with the stuff we already got (bait traps for the house, nasty spray for the foundation of the house) and see if we still have a problem in a few days. If so, then I think I can justify the expense.

    That whole night I was twitching in bed because I kept thinking they were crawling on me. I didn't fall asleep until some time after 1am. We saw one on the bed before we went to bed (the one unfortunately escape the Colin North Crushing Grip O' Ant Death), and I think it got in my head like a 2 years old who saw a scary movie. This time I couldn't chant "It's only make-believe" though.


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