Tuesday, May 11, 2004

We got our first inkling that something new was in the works on Tuesday May 5. Immediately I felt a bit nervous, but the kind of nervous excitement that comes when you're in anticipation. We got confirmation the following day: Ellie is pregnant. She's been calling as many people in the family that she can think of to tell them. From what everyone says they're very excited, but I think Ellie and I are naturally most looking forward to it.

At first we thought about all the changes that were going to come. No late nights out with our friends over drinks, not that there were really any of those nights anyway, but it seems that you don't miss something until you realize you won't be able to have it. Natural humanity to take things for granted until they're reaching their end. We went to St. John's Student Parish on Sunday and I noticed someone with their tiny little infant, hanging over the shoulder, looking at all the people around.

I think that was the moment where I realized I was truly comfortable with the changes that would come. I got a bit choked up thinking of all the things there are to share with and show to our child. I'm sure the road will at times be trying. I'm reminded of the time when I was about 7, standing on the steps leading upstairs in our house, screaming at my mom that I hated her and wishing hateful things (man, do I ever feel bad about that now). That will be me on the receiving end somewhere in the future. I also recall when I was somewhere between 2 and 4, how I always wanted to be able to cuddle up to my Mom to help me fall asleep when it was time to nap. Or when my Dad would carry me on his shoulders and I could see above all the people. I'll get to pass those feelings and experiences on, and it gets me choked up thinking about it.

I haven't called any of my friends to tell them yet. I've just never been one to call people up and say "Hey, guess what I did!" I suppose now would be one of those times that my friends would like to hear about it. Perhaps I'll get on the phone tonight, I'm a bit hesitant to call during the day since Ellie's been burning up the daytime minutes calling family. I just checked the minutes on our account: 441 daytime used of our 800. We're close to half way through the month, so I suppose it's fine. I guess it's a good thing we upgraded our phone plan to 800. I talked with Ben this weekend and he was saying that he thought T-mobile would have to do something soon to remain competitive, which I'm hoping is rolling nights back to 7 or 8pm.


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