Monday, May 10, 2004

This Is Interesting just "upgraded" themselves and appears to have added a ton
of new features that I'll have to monkey around with and decide how much
I like. The first feature that I'm going to test is the "Blog by Email."
Seems simple enough. Write an email, send it to your blog, and it should
get posted. That stands to be pretty interesting, and make it much
easier to make posts. Right now one has to login, which isn't a terrible
hassle, but when one can simplify usually that's desirable. In fact this
post was written as an email. I wonder how it will handle pictures. I'd
be pretty impressed if I could attach a picture below inside my email
and have it post the image as well. In fact, I bet it will take an HTML
tag with the image location and publish it, but then one still has the
problem of where to host the pictures.

TEASER: I've got some very important news to post, but I think I'll take
some time to write it. It will be a suprise to many I think, and at the
same time right in line with what many would expect. CMN