Thursday, May 13, 2004

Last night I watched the latest episode of The Shield and my thought is that was the second best revenge I've seen in script. The most memorable revenge is actually from a Shakespearean play, Titus Andronicus.

If you haven't read it or seen the film (starring Anthony Hopkins) based on the tragedy then I recommend it. It is very difficult to watch, very dark. I forced Randy (VanWagnen) and Mike (Staake) to watch it with me once. Randy kept complaining that it was horrible (not the acting, the sadness of the story), to which I kept telling him he just had to wait until the end. It does get a little preachy in the final scene of the film, which if I understand correctly the director added as a symbolic of how the cycle of violence can continue.

Friday I'm supposed to go to Kalamazoo for the Michigan Society of Toxicology meeting. Unfortunately Ellie may have her first ultrasound that day, depending on her blood test results today. I'm disappointed I won't be there for it. I'd be much more disappointed if it were later in the pregnancy though and we'd be able to visualize the child. Ellie's told me that mostly they'll be listening for a heart beat. We had originally scheduled for May 25th which I could make without trouble, but it seems like the OB/GYN has Ellie do one thing, then jump on another thing. I've got a fairly flexible schedule and work with people who are very understanding and supportive, but I don't like getting a call at 10:15AM that my wife is going to the hospital for lab work at 11AM.

I had a humorous anecdote I wanted to write about from a while back but cannot seem to recall which one I wanted to tell now. I think next time I'll write it as a draft and just keep it on Blogger. Then I can post it when I really don't have something to write about.


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