Saturday, May 01, 2004

Last night Ellie and I had a good time out with some folks we haven’t hung out with in the past. Jim (our lab’s ubergradstudent) and I have been trying to arrange things so that we could bring our wives out to dinner and get chat a bit. Ellie doesn’t get a chance to socialize much with the people she works with because for the most part their older than us and at a different point in their lives. Our weeks of scheming finally came together last night when we meet up at the Stillwater Grill in Okemos. We even had a chance to enjoy Lyle’s company (another ubergradstudent, just in a different lab).

My hope is that I didn’t scare them off. Inevitably it seems that conversations and anecdotes always turn into embarrassing stories, so Jim, Liz, and Lyle got to hear some embarrassing ones about me. As I’m writing they escape me, so I won’t write about them this time. It’s safe to say if you’ve spent anything more than a few passing meetings with me you’ve probably heard them.

I’ve also been doing a bit of browsing on the AllOfMp3 site and found that one of my gripes (no ID3 tag information) is solved. One just has to use the site’s download manager, which will collect the info for you so it doesn’t have to be entered by hand. I’m still a little leery of the site, but I plunked down another 5 dollars for 500mb of transfers. I’ve been mostly looking for some of the electronic music that I’ve always wanted but never cared to pay much for. When a whole album costs about $1.50 and it doesn’t have DRM I can afford to download it, listen to it, and delete it if I really don’t like it. I’ve focused on the things I’ve like though, so I haven’t had to delete anything yet.


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