Friday, May 07, 2004

I think this will prove an interesting anecdote, especially from the perspective of wondering what the GoogleAds will be above after I post it (since they’re context sensitive to what one writes about).

For the sake of not terribly offending any offending party I won’t use the person’s name when writing about them. Suffice to say I don’t work directly with them but occasionally come into contact with them during my routine. He’s really a bit of a character from some of the history I have heard, but that’s not the focus today. The focus today was what I will refer to as “The Incident with the Postcard.”

Apparently Mr.X had gone on a vacation recently, somewhere in Italy I believe. He was showing two of the women I work with a postcard that he had brought back from Italy which was pictures of penises from famous Renaissance paintings and sculptures. I immediately thought to myself “Gee, isn’t this inappropriate.” Unfortunately I instead pointed at one and said “I know that one. It’s a painting of Priapus.” Don’t I seem like an insensitive jerk now.

I thought some more about it and said to myself “Colin, why would you have such a puritanical attitude.” I don’t really feel I do. I guess what seemed inappropriate about it was that the photos were solely of penises for the sake of showing penises, not for recognizing historic art. Would I have been equally offended if it was famous vaginas? I think so. Perhaps more so. Would it be offensive if I worked in an office and had a sculpture of David? I think it likely would, but should it? I feel like it shouldn’t be considered offensive, but I’m sure there are people who hate nudity of any form, so that wouldn’t work well in an office. Guess I’ll just have to stick with the Periodic Table of Elements :-)