Monday, May 24, 2004

Checked my blog this morning, and I realized I haven't posted since last Wednesday. Ouch! Although I suppose the baby picture counts as two or three posts.

The past weekend was rather fun. Ellie and I went with our neighbors, Todd and Sherry, to East Lansing for the art fair. We saw some outstanding photographs, especially from Paul James who does the website. He had on set that I thought was outstanding:

We went out to Sansu for some sushi, then returned home for our weekend nap. I watched the end of "The Grifters," and I will say that the end was not the end I was expecting. I've started watching "Midnight Run" and have found it pretty humorous so far. I've been Tivo'ing moves off of AMC (American Movie Channel I think). I finally got to see "Spartacus" that way. I thought it was outstanding, and I understand now how it gets its reputation with the homoerotic overtones (I wonder what the Google AdWords are for "homoerotic". Probably something I'd rather now see).

Sunday I went out and got Ellie a few anniversary gifts. Originally I had planned to get her an iPod, since I can get the Apple educational discount, with a custom engraving on the back, but in the end that would have been over $300. If we didn't have a baby on the way I would have gotten it, but at this point we're going to try to save more money for it's arrival. I got some simpler things that I hope she'll like. I just don't want to post about them because she may read about them before I can give them to her.


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