Tuesday, May 18, 2004

As an effort to share more semi-humorous moments I’ll briefly write about one that happened today. For those that know Ellie well they understand that she has the sometimes frustrating gift of gab. It is also one of the characteristics that makes her fun to spend time with and know, while frustrating her husband when he just wants to get one thing from the grocery store and leave without delaying to talk to the lady with the cute kids in line. Ellie is very personable. It occasionally leads to somewhat humorous anecdotes, like the time Ellie was trying to tell some of the Pharmacology/Toxicology graduate students about what a nice time we had when we went to San Diego and ended up making an unintentional double-entendre.

Today we were returning from the Ob/Gyn following our first ultrasound (which went well, I’ll post the picture once I get it scanned), riding the elevator down from the top floor. When we got on a physician in the Ob/Gyn practice group was getting on the elevator at the same time. Ellie was understandably excited about the ultrasound and photo, so having noticed the emblem on the physician’s jacket was one and the same with the one on our billing copy, was chatting with him as we rode toward the first floor. The elevator was becoming more and more crowded with typical hospital goers as we descended, probably with a mean age of 70 years. Everyone is standing basically elbow to elbow and Ellie is explaining to the physician that she’s very happy at the results of the ultrasound (he said it looked good when he glanced at it), as she had been nervous after a bit of spotting. Now I know I’m a bit more uptight about revealing my personal information than the average person, but I remember thinking “My wife is talking about her vagina in a crowded elevator with a bunch of seniors… they must be mortified!” We didn’t get any odd glances that I noticed, so perhaps it slid by without being too shocking. I guess everyone knows someone like my wife, and it’s just one of the wonderful things that make her who she is.


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