Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Tuesday morning has rolled in and I thought it time to post anew. Ellie's parents were with us until yesterday, for which I'm thankful. They were really helpful in setting things up around the house and generally just nice to have around. It's too bad that they live most of the year down in Virginia, but at least they come to Michigan for the summer.

AJ sent me an iTunes gift certificate (cool of him) as a house warming gift. I'm thinking I may use it to buy a Neil Finn album. I used one of the free songs I got with a Pepsi to download one of his tracks and really dug it (Driving Me Mad, which I'd heard on the Impact). I've also been listening to a Rhett Miller album (The Instigator ) that I borrowed from the library. Again I heard a lot of it on the Impact, and again I dig it.

I also saw on NPR that Brian Wilson, the Beach Boy, is getting ready to release some music he's been working on for ~40 years. I'll have to give that a listen when I get the chance.

A funny thing happened at work when I was handling the rats. Jane was there to witness it. I sneezed a few times, to which she asked if I was become allergic. Immediately I was thinking I better not be! I suspect I'm just getting a cold, as Ellie seemed to have cold-like symptoms this week, but that would be bad news if I was becoming allergic to rodents. I teased Jane that now that she said it I would develop it due to a psychosomatic response.


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