Saturday, April 10, 2004

Today I write from our new house in Holt, fully wired finally. Comcast came out yesterday and hooked up all the cable lines. I finished the first phase of my Ethernet wiring project yesterday morning too, so now both the office rooms can simply plug into the wall and be wired. I hope this will encourage me to post more often, as it was too frustrating to try to post when I was on dialup. Now I can easily browse the iTunes Music Store as well as listen to internet radio.

There is but one fly in the ointment, but I'll try to fish it out with a good pair of forceps. The Tivo doesn't have the correct channel lineup, so I need to go through the setup procedure again. I started it without realizing that once the process is started one cannot exit the process until it is complete, so now the Tivo is useless until I can get a dial tone. The problem is for the setup procedure the Tivo must be able to dial out to a 1-800 number. We don't have a conventional phone line, so the setup process gets stuck. Once the guided setup is complete then the Tivo can do everything over the Internet, but initally it needs a phone connection. Ack. Now it looks that I may need to go over to a friend's place in order to get the setup complete. I hope to get it done quick, because I want to Tivo the latest episode of The Shield on Sunday. I hope Neil B gets home soon.


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