Monday, April 26, 2004

This was quite a laid back weekend for me. Saturday Ellie and I went over to the public golf course that’s in Holt to play around and hit some balls. I was pretty consistent… slicing the ball to the right. It was rather fun to go out there with Ellie. She kept asking me what to do though. I would describe the situation as the extremely nearsighted leading the blind. I’m not very helpful with respect to golf. She’s been very concerned about how she’ll play and I keep telling her not to worry about it. It’s golf, it’s supposed to be fun and relaxing.

Saturday night Ellie went off to work representing the hotel, so I got to spend time at home. I watched the episodes of The Shield that I hadn’t seen. That show is pretty gritty, but I must say I continue to find myself drawn into the story. Sunday I spent again watching TV, catching up on old episodes of the Chapelle Show. There was a great Wayne Brady joke, but it was very much an inside joke to the show. I’d record it to the DV camera and show it to the other grad students, but I don’t think they watch the show so it wouldn’t be all that funny.

Sunday we went to watch Pat (Ellie’s cousin) play soccer since he was here in Lansing. Pat’s family all came, so we all came back to our place to show the new house and have some pizza. Went to bed, then back up to go to work. The routine returns.


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