Friday, April 09, 2004

This morning started in a very unusual way. Ellie dropped me off at the Food Safety & Toxicology Center just like normal. I was walking towards the buildings enjoying the crisp air of the morning when a truck crashed into the gate at that controls entrance to the parking area. At first I thought it was my truck because it was a black Ford Ranger, but when I realized that it wasn't my anxiety was a little less.

The odd thing was that I recall the sound of the truck accelerating and then that sickly crunching noice autos make when they collide with something. It was the first time I''ve ever seen an airbag deployed too. The woman got out of the truck and I asked if she had a phone. She didn't so I called 911 for her and asked for some help to be sent. She seemed a bit shocked, probably going through that moment of "I can't believe I just did that" like any of us go through. The truly odd thing was that I wanted to head into the building so I asked if she wanted my name to give, but she didn't want that. As I walked away I heard her restart the car and begin to move it. I looked out the window when I got to the building expecting to see she had parked out of the way, but instead no truck was to be seen. She had driven off! I was shocked because it looked like she did several thousand dollars worth of damage to the truck. If anyone sees an African looking woman about 5'6" driving a black Ford Ranger with some serious front end damage you probably know where she got the damage on the truck now. Very strange start to the day!


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