Friday, April 23, 2004

Seems I haven’t had much in the way of excitement to write about of late, but I guess I’ll make an effort to dig something out. Hmmmm. Thinking… thinking… ah ha!

We finally got concrete laid at our house this week. There is a funny story there. Ellie and I woke up about 6:25AM (5 minutes before the alarm clock… isn’t it always those 5 minutes that we want the most?) to the sound of hammers pounding as the workers got an early start to assembling the wood squares to initially hold the concrete. I got up and walked to the kitchen to make coffee and start breakfast, wearing only my tie-off pants from bed. After a few minutes in the kitchen I hear a knock at the door. Uh oh. I’m not really fit to answer the door, but to get a shirt on I need to go past the front door where the worker is knocking. I decide he’s going to see me in my pale-bear-preparing-for-hibernation-form and go to the door without a shirt on. I guess I’ll fit right in here in Holt. He gives me a nonplussed look (guess he sees a lot of this in Holt) and just politely asks me to move the Ranger, which I do after putting on some more clothes. That’s my second funny anecdote of the week! I guess I’m well on my way to becoming a comedian.

Rob decided on graduate school last week. It was rather humorous now that I look back at it, but in essence it was classic Rob. He called me and left a voicemail on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week to talk about graduate school choices. His choices basically boiled down to going to Emory University for a Physician Assistant program in Anesthesiology or Texax A&M for Analytical Chemistry. He was quite torn, and I think he didn’t anticipate being accepted at Emory (he said the interview was more standoffish, a “if you’re good enough maybe we’ll take you” at Emory, while at Texas A&M they were trying to recruit instead). I talked with him for a while, really not wanting to push him either way because I wanted it to be his decision, but my heart was pushing for Texas A&M. Ellie also talked to him for a while, mostly about the less pragmatic aspects to the decision process that I’m not very interested in or good at talking about. What Rob didn’t first mention was he needed to decide by that Friday! He called me Friday and told me he had decided on becoming an Aggie (I don’t even know what Emory’s mascot is). I was very happy for him. My Dad said later that either choice was a good one, and I realize he was right. I guess it just goes to show again that we have sufficient intelligence to survive once we reach our teens, but not the wisdom to thrive until we’ve had a wealth of experience. Thanks Dad, for helping me realize that I’m still impulsive and have much to learn, which is classic Colin I guess.

AJ asked me if I would be in the wedding party for he and Jamie’s wedding. I must say I was quite honored. Then it brought back all the memories of preparations for my own wedding and how stressful it was for Ellie and I. Ellie bore most of the work and stress, which I’m thankful for. It would have been a very different affair if I had to make the decisions and calls, because I simply don’t get very excited about much.


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