Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Just came across this feature over at Rolling Stone, it's the "50 Greatest Artists of All Time." The articles for the most part appear to be written by musicians about other musicians. I was particularly struck reading what John Mayer wrote about Jimi Hendrix, particularly the lat part where he talks about when he hears the music he thinks of Hendrix as a man, not some mytic guitar god, and in talking about it really reveals his own attitude (which is much like my own view) that all of us are human and have similar fears and hopes, a common thread that we too often ignore.

I've become more and more impressed with Mayer over time. When I first heard his music on the Impact I dug it, went and tried to download it and no one had it. You got on a p2p search now and John Mayer has made it. I've always had mixed feelings about this (since I'm a bit of a music snob), the enjoyment of knowing of an artist that only 1 in 20 people are familiar with and realizing how great they are. Then they release one single that girls from age 12-35 love and it's all over, now you're pop music. Sorry Sting. Sorry Nirvana. Sorry John Mayer. Guess I'll just have to put aside my music snobbery, realize my humanity, and go back to listening to pop music. I've been doing it all along anyway :^)


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