Thursday, April 08, 2004

I finally got the bathroom cabinet hung on Tuesday night. I found a guy at Lowe's and he was a big help when it came to finding a proper screw. If he hadn't actually said to me "Do you need help with anything" I probably would have gone home with the wrong screws (again). Stupid maleness, sometimes it makes asking for help so much more difficult than it ought to be. On the other hand it keeps me out of situations like I meet with Saturday at Lowe's.

Ellie and I were looking for dry wall anchors and we started talking to one of the people there. He was one of those types that can't take a hint or isn't aware that people have other things they'd like to do (I of course go completely too far in the other direction and assume everyone has something more important to do than to talk with me). He must have talked for a solid 10 minutes about how his first house was, what his children do, the value of education (and how he pays for part of his children's college expenses). I just came to look at drywall anchors, not hear the Autobiography of a Lowe's Salesman Who Is Really Annoying. Ellie said to me after we managed to break away after doing the slow backup for about 20 feet that she was almost to the point of being rude to end the monologue (well, to be fair to the guy Ellie has a talent for asking questions that encourage people to keep the verbal diarrhea flowing), to which I replied "I was already past the point of caring if I was rude and was to the point of purposely being rude."

I'm looking forward to starting my little wiring project in the house. I bought new wall outlets and Cat5e jacks to plug into them. Next I'll just have to make sure all the little pesky wires are plugged into the right slots and I should have a wired home. Down the line I may have to make some modifications to reinstall phone wire when it's time to sell the house, but we're years from that. The way the house is currently setup is not optimal for Ethernet, but I can make it work. The issue all arises from the fact that the Cat5e all originates from the most central location in the house, the office room. There are 3 cables that run from the outlet there: 1 to the guest room, 1 to the master bedroom, and 1 down next to the circuit breaker. Ideally each room would have a wire that ran straight to the circuit breaker (so I could put the hub and cable modem in the basement out of sight), but we don't have that so I'll have to do it a bit messy. Like I said earlier, maybe down the line I'll change it, but for now things will work fine.


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