Saturday, April 17, 2004

Discovered a cool iTunes trick today. Most of my mp3s don’t have album work associated with them, which is normally of no consequence to people. iTunes has an option to display the album artwork though, which I think is a nice little addition. What I found was that if I found a picture of the album on I could drag the picture onto the album display space in iTunes and it gets written into the ID3 tag of the mp3! Looks like I’ve got a new task to occupy me when I’m bored.

A new day, new computer troubles. This is the kind of stuff I like to fix though. The computer has of late been restarting spontaneously when I’m working at it. Since I’ve had this issue many times before I know exactly what the issue is: heat. The computer I built is based around the Athlon “Thunderbird” core, which towards the end of it’s life was notorious for pouring off a lot of heat (same thing the latest generation of Intel Pentium4’s are known for). When a computer gets very hot it gets unstable and can crash, plus it’s not great for hard drive life either.

I had managed to get it at a level where the computer was fine, but I didn’t have a door on the front of my desk where the computer was residing. It was quite stable. When we moved we left the old desk behind and we received a nice, cherry desk from Ellie’s parents. It’s a beauty, and with a front door to the computer case area. Most folks, me included, would prefer not to hear the whine of fans and hard drives that accompany most computers today so they leave the door closed. This prevents cool air from getting to the computer though, so it gets hotter and hotter until it finally crashes, or worse (but rare) a piece of hardware fails. So now I have two options: Close the door and use a crashing computer or leave it open and listen to the whine. I think I’ll be turning up the volume on iTunes :)


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