Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Cool Free Tool of the Day
I just came across this when Googling for a "free PDF maker." It's an open source project to allow people to make their own PDFs. For those of you who have never had a copy of Adobe Acrobat, download this and give it a try. It gives you a "printer" that will make PDF files, so it's basically just like printing something on paper, but instead you get a file. I've found making PDFs is great for printing those pages from websites that say "Print this for your records," which I've always hated because generally I feel like it is a waste of ink and paper (isn't that part of the point of the internet? Getting away from paper?), and you never need them until disaster strikes. This way you can simply "print off" the file and save it. You can then print in the traditional fashion if you need to mail it somewhere, or send it as an email attachment if you need to do that. Best of both worlds!


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