Monday, March 08, 2004

This weekend we bid on yet another house. This time it's out in the Holt, and the price is greater than what I had budgeted for in my mind ($152,900 is the cost). We came to the realization, or at least I did, that a house that would not require some major expense in a neighborhood we like are not available, so we're going to bite the bullet (ack! what a cliche) and buy a new house and pay more than we had originally planned. At least this way we know we've got a fresh slate on a house. I'm looking forward to having some projects and the like.

I'm experimenting with Mozilla Calendar lately. If you look over in my links bar there is one for "Download My Home Calendar," which will allow one to copy my current calendar (but not change it). I found some hosting at what allows for some easy WebDAV access, so I thought I might experiment a bit. One thing I've found in the academic world is that scheduling a meeting is a real nusiance compared to what it was like when I interned at Kraft Foods. There one could look at a person's schedule using Microsoft Outlook, as we were all hooked up to an Exchange server. There isn't anything like that in the academic area (as I make this blanket statement I'm sure there are some exceptions), but I think I'm going to make an effort to bring it to people's attention. We'll see what happens.


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