Monday, March 29, 2004

This weekend was a blur of activity. Friday night Ellie and I packed things in boxes, but found there wasn't much left to pack and that we kept needing things that were already packed away. Since Ellie had done quite a bit previously there wasn't much to do, so we went to be about 11 to be ready for Saturday morning.

Saturday morning rolled around and that meant moving day. I hopped in the car and drove down to Mason to meet my Dad and Susan at the truck rental place. We stopped and got some coffee and McDonalds on the way, and met them there about 9AM. Meet a funny old boxer (of the dog variety) named Dutch who roamed around the hardware store that doubled at a Budget Rental center. We cruised back up to the apartment with a new 24 foot truck and began the loading process.

With Ellie, Susan, Dad, and myself we managed to have the truck loaded by 11:30 (about an hour and 45 minutes I think). Dad and I went to Dicker and Deal to try to sell our couch (it's uncomfortable) and entertainment center (it's huge and doesn't really fit with the color of the hutch and kitchen table). We negoiated $90 for the both of them and dropped them off, quite satisfied that we managed to get some change for them.

About that time I got a call from Ellie. She was asking where the garage door opener was (since we'll be storing things in the garage until we can close on the house). I told her it was in the Escape where I told her I put it on Friday. That meant they had to drive all the way back to the apartment to get the opener then return to Holt to offload the truck. Keep in mind that we're under a bit of time pressure because we're supposed to have the truck returned by 2PM and it's now 12PM. We're feeling the time cruch a bit!

Fortunately two of Susan's sons came to help us (Matt and Arend). Once everyone arrive back at the new house we try the garage door opener and the garage doesn't open. Uhh ohh. Ellie walks closer and closer until she is 10 feet from the door and it's still now opening. I'm preplexed because I checked to make sure it worked before I left Friday. I walk up to the door, try the open once or twice, then reach down and pull the door up. It was unlocked the whole time! Did I ever feel stupid at that point. Next we started unloading the truck and placing stuff in the garage. I was in the truck pushing things to the edge of the back and then folks would come to pick them up. We finished unloading the truck in only 20 minutes! That was fast. We cruised down to Mason, dropped the truck off, and went to lunch with everyone. It went great. We spent a few more hours with my Dad and Susan at the mall and Marshall's, then called it a day. We returned home to an empty apartment and slept on sleeping bags on the floor (it's not nearly as nice as a bed).

Saturday when we had walked back into the house we were hit with the smell of cat urine. That kind of settled the long runing problem we've had with Midas. We decided we couldn't risk him peeing all over the new house with the new carpeting, so we agreed to try to either send him to the cat rescue or to send him to live with my mom and see how he does. I was feeling pretty sad this morning without him around. I missed him last night too. Now I can't have him cuddle up to me at night and sit on my stomach and watch TV with me. I think he'll like Mom's place though. There is a lot of space for him to explore and two other cats to play with (I doubt they'll play at first though, probably hiss instead) as well as Bruno, the wire haired fox terrier that my Mom loves.


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