Friday, March 12, 2004

Looks like things are go on the house out in Holt. The radon test came back at ~1.5 pCurie/liter. Fine by me. Of course, the EPA recommends long term tests, but I guess I can do that sometime down the line. Testing can be done cheaply with a kit. The house look like it will be great though.

Ellie and I were talking last night about plans for the house. She naturely wanted to talk about decorating and I naturally wanted to talk about telephone, internet, and television service. Most of the stuff we're going to wait on to decide, but we have decided to leave TDS Metrocom (our telephone service provider) behind. We're going to just stick with our cell phones since we have decent signals inside the house (unlike our current situation at the apartment). There is also another couple down the street we had met at Sears. They're both in IT, so I made a passing comment about setting up a wireless network and they something along the lines of "As long as you've got a line of sight." Sweet! I'd love to be able to split the cost of a fat bandwidth internet connection with another group (since we're out of range of, which provides some great DSL for MSU students/staff).

I just don't have the equipment at this point either. I've been looking around at wireless routers with ports of external antennas so that I have an idea about what can be done. I'm almost inclined to make my own "cantenna" wave guide antenna (lots of info on the net about them) but I don't know which to set it up for at this point, so it's purely academic. My preference is for either 802.11g or 802.11a (probably a, since it's less likely at this point to suffer from interference problems). I'll keep you posted on the development.


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