Monday, March 22, 2004

I've got a few things to write on today, so let me start with one that I'm a bit more passionate about. The news media seems to have picked up this and is running stories about obesity being the second leading cause of death. Unfortunately people either don't read the actual research or bother to get truly informed about it. When people you are talking with start talking about how "obesity is the 2nd leading cause of death" drop this on them: The actual study indicates it is "Poor diet and physical inactivity."

This may seem like splitting hairs to some, but it is a very important point. Obesity is a co-occurence with poor diet and physical activity! People seem to want to argue that it is a obesity that is the cause of the problem, and I will say it simply: obesity is a symptom of the cause.

Consider this: The 5-year success rate for weight loss maintains from deeding is 5%! If your physician told you that he was going to give you a drug to prevent heart disease, but then also told you that there was a 95% chance it would fail and that once you went off the drug your health would be worse and you'd be more likely to suffer health complications would you take that drug? I sure hope not. Yet the research has shown time and again that people who fail at the diet (95% of us, so if you've failed you are not alone) regain all the weight and more! This leads some people to enter "yo-yo dieting," which is PROVEN to shorten life span! Why are physican's still telling us to lose 10-20% of our weight when nearly everyone fails and may end up worse off? I've heard many people say it, but I'll play my cliche card of the day: The definition of insanity is to do something that you know the outcome of and to expect something different!

So I've written a lot on this and I'd love to talk to people about it if they care to hear. To avoid sounding like a griping whiner I will make my own recommendation for healthy living: Exercise EVERY day, eat a wide variety of foods (especially fruits, vegetables, and fish), and feel good about your body. I cannot say it enough! Take it from someone who went to school to study diet, nutrition, and health. The answer is not the latest diet of the year.

The other stuff I'm not quite as opinionated about. We saw the house this weekend and it's really close to being complete. There are only a few little things to be done inside now. The problem is that they've got 2 other houses that they're supposed to close on before ours and they have a fair amount of work that needs to be done, so the March 26th closing date is not going to happen.

Now this a problem for us because we have a lot of help available for moving things on the 26th, but almost none for the 30th (the date the builder has proposed). Not only that, but Ellie can't get the time off work to sign the papers, so it's a real problem. Now couple that to the fact that we planned to move out of our apartment by the 1st of April so we wouldn't have to pay another month's rent. Hopefully we can move some of the items over the the house and stow them in the garage, but apparently the building inspector does not appreciate that. I've proposed moving the stuff to a storage locker temporarily if we can't get it in the garage, but Ellie said she doesn't want to have to move twice. It may not be an option though. I'll try to keep everyone posted on this.


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