Monday, March 01, 2004

It was a bright, nice weekend here with bad news to accompany it. We inspected the Clifton Rd house that we had our bid accepted on and discovered many problems. To make a long story short (since I've got to go catch a bus soon), the house had the potential to require ~$20,000 in repairs over the next 5 years and we didn't think we could get a good return on the money we used to buy the house if that were the case. Now we've spent nearly $600 on home inspections and still don't have a house. It's getting to be really frustrating and depressing.

I also hurt my mom's feelings because she wanted to come to visit and I told her we were too busy, even though I saw my Dad and his g/f this weekend (they came for the home inspection, then turned around and left). I wish things were easier. Also my grandmother's 85th birthday is coming, but since it's going to be at my aunts' house Ellie doesn't want to go (which I understand and support her on for reasons I won't go into here). She and I will have to try to find some other way to see grandma.

One project is getting put on the backburner at work because despite having several months of practice at all the techniques we're still not observing the expected results that were in the grant proposal. Since that's the case there isn't a great deal of point to going after other parts of the grant, since they kind of depend on the experiment I've been working on. That's frustrating. I'm going to have to do some literature research to try to find an alternate possiblility I think to explain what's going on. -----------CMN


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