Wednesday, February 25, 2004

So it’s time to update on the housing situation. We backed out of the deal on the house in East Lansing. We decided there was just too many issues. Had it been one or two perhaps we would have gone through with it, but 2 major and 3 minor issues were too many to deal with.

This left us in quite a spot though, as we had told the apartment complex we’d be out by March 13th! We were on the clock without a lot of time to find a place. We did see a few over the weekend, and in the end bid on one in a little Lansing neighborhood south of Mt. Hope Rd. and east of Pennsylvania Ave. Our bid was accepted and it looked like the homeowners would be out in time for us to move in before the 13th. Then they had a baby over the weekend! Understandably they didn’t want to move immediately with a brand new baby, so they asked for a March 26th closing date. This was problematic because we couldn’t live on the street for two weeks, but we talked to our apartment complex manager and changed the date of our moveout to April 1st. Good lord, it was a bit stressful. We’re still doing this all a bit out of order in my mind, but we keep moving along (my preference and recommendation to others is have the inspection and negoiation complete on a house before jumping ship on your current situation)!

Work is moving along. The toxicity study with antibiotics continues to move along, seemingly two steps forward and one back. At least it feels like progress. The other project I’m on continues to be elusive (or at least the results are not what we expect). I’ve been trying to quantify the levels of a compound called glutathione (a cellular detoxifier) in the mitochondria of liver cells, but the results keep coming back screwy. We think it’s the method of isolation, so I keep tweaking little things. I just finished it again today, so I’ll probably do the analysis tomorrow or Friday. We’ll see what comes of it! --------------------------CMN


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