Monday, February 09, 2004

More houses and more houses. Seems like the parade will never end. Ellie and I just cannot seem to settle on a place to settle. I think we've walked through at least 30, and we're adding on 2 more tonight. We saw a nice one in Haslett this weekend (we were just driving around and noticed an open house), but the asking price was $180k so we didn't dwell on it. Then we saw a townhouse that was very nice (again an open house we just happened to drive by), but was asking $230k. Definitely not during graduate school!

I got to talk to my brother Rob on Saturday. We talked a fair amount about interviewing at schools. He's going down to Texas A&M in March or April for an interview there in the Analytical Chemistry department. I don't know about the other places yet (Rob told me he had applied to 5 places).

Looks like paperwork is finally going through on my full-time position. It appears that it may start as early as tommorow, so that's good news. I'm just cruising around campus getting the signatures that I need.

I saw two movies this past weekend. I went to the cinema to watch Return of the King, and I watch Pirates of the Carribean (which was graciously loaned to us by Christie and Jeremy). I enjoyed both of them. I was suprised at Johnny Depp's performance in Pirates, it was pretty good. Not a really thinking movie, but entertaining nonetheless. Return of the King was quite enjoyable (ok, the end could have come at 3 different times and it would have been ok with me), but I think at this point it is the finest trilogy of movies to be produced. Bravo to Peter Jackson and the rest of the Lord of the Rings cast.


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