Monday, February 09, 2004

I've added a link for my favorite browser off to the right there. It's based on Mozilla but works great as a stand-alone web browser. It's got tabbed browsing, which once you get comfortable using you won't want to go back (think of being able to have your browser behave like a container, only one entry on the taskbar, with multiple sites you can look at by clicking their tab, like a recipe holder). Only problem is some website do not play nice with Mozilla (because the sites aren't written to the standards; most sites are written to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer which doesn't do everything according to the standard), but it works great for most sites.

All in all, it looks like OmniWeb 5.0 might have a best idea for tabbed browsing, but I don't have an Apple with MacOS X. I'll take Firefox instead!


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